Doce Pares Canada

    Eskrima: Filipino Martial Art

    What to Wear & Bring

    -dress in loose, comfortable, clean athletic clothing (e.g. t-shirt, pants / shorts)

    -regular t-shirts are OK for the first few classes until you receive your official DPC club t-shirt / uniform

    -on the workout mat, wear ONLY clean, indoor, flat athletic / martial art / wrestling / boxing shoes with non-marking soles

    -otherwise, you may train in clean socks or clean barefeet

    -if you must excuse yourself from the mat while barefoot, please have slippers / sandals / shoes beside the mat to slip into

    -tie-up or tie-back long hair

    -remove jewellery (e.g. watches, rings, necklaces, chains, rings for other bodyparts, etc.)

    -trim fingernails & toenails

    -bring a towel if you tend to sweat

    -bring a change of clothing

    -bring a non-alcoholic beverage, preferably bottled water, sports-ade or juice

    Equipment & Apparel

    -in the beginning, only a pair of rattan sticks is required (FMA pracitioners tend to go through many pairs over time; duct tape / hockey tape are useful)

    -if you have your own rattan sticks with their skins intact, you may bring them to practice (only rattan; no other woods are acceptable for stick-on-stick contact training)

    -rattan sticks may be ordered from your instructor at $30/pair (regular rattan)

    -official DPC club t-shirts can be ordered at $28 each (add $3 for Size XXL)

    -safety glasses must ALWAYS be worn when partner training with equipment

    -skipping ropes shall be used during warm-ups; if you don't have one, plastic speed ropes can be ordered at $12 each

    -handwraps & training / bag gloves will be required after the completion of the first level; you may order them through your instructor when the time comes

    -you may consult with your instructor about other equipment (e.g. apparel, training blades, sparring gear, etc.)

    Club Etiquette

    -Yuko / Bow to your Instructor & fellow members, in and out of the studio; also, whenever you're partnered-up to train

    -Yuko / Bow every time you enter & leave the training area

    -face away from your Instructor when adjusting your training clothes / uniform

    -keep the studio neat & clean

    -no street shoes on the workout mat

    -no horseplay or profanity

    -no excess talking during class

    -no gum chewing or eating

    -no cameras, audio or video recording devices

    Student Responsibilities

    -show respect for all instructors

    -show respect for all students & martial art styles

    -wear the official DPC club t-shirt / uniform to every training session

    -students shall keep their training clothes / uniform clean & odour-free

    -students shall practice good personal hygiene

    -if you are ill, please seek medical attention & rest;  do not go to class

    -inform your Instructor well in advance if you:  are going to be late;  need to leave early;  are not able to attend

    -upon late arrival, wait at the door (if closed, go inside) until your Instructor sees you & motions for you to join class

    -remit club membership dues on-time at the first class attended every month

    -do not demonstrate or publicly display Eskrima unless specifically requested by your instructor

    -do not teach Eskrima unless otherwise you are asked by your Instructor to assist new members during classtime

    -do not abuse your Eskrima training