Doce Pares Canada

Manoy Jojo is the Instructor of Doce Pares Canada (DPC), a Filipino Martial Arts club based in Toronto, Ontario. Jojo is the Doce Pares organization's Canadian representative in its Multi-Style System of Eskrima (covering the GTA East), under the direction of his teacher Deacon-GM Dong Cuesta & SGM Diony CaƱete from Cebu, Philippines. DPC is affiliated with brother-club Doce Pares Toronto (covering the GTA West).

Sundays:        5 pm - 6:30 pm  in Cabbagetown

Thursdays:     7 pm - 8:30 pm  in Scarborough

                       (subject to change)


Studio -A- (Cabbagetown)
80 Winchester Street
Toronto, ON  M4X 1B2

Filipino Warrior Culture & Tradition


Doce Pares Canada

Eskrima: Filipino Martial Art

  • Carinosa5:19
  • Bicolano20:17